Recent Construction Updates

Update on Project Schedule

The two-year Chanate Sewer Replacement Project is on schedule for completion in summer of 2022. Below is a summary of the primary work elements still to be accomplished (schedules are estimated and subject to change). As the project moves forward, work will involve single lane/2-way traffic control with flaggers; motorists should expect short delays. Trenches will be plated and roadways fully re-opened to traffic at the end of each work day and on weekends.

  • Install sewer pipes on:
    • Chanate Road between approximately Lomitas Avenue and Slater Street (early January – February 2022)
    • Strawberry Lane (early January – February 2022)
    • Mendocino Avenue (late January – mid-February 2022)
    • Lomitas Lane (early February – late February 2022)
  • Replace water main on Chanate Road between Terra Linda Drive and Belvedere Way (timing and details are forthcoming)
  • Repave/resurface roadways which were disrupted during construction (late February – late March 2022; final timing dependent on weather and completion of other work)
  • Abandon the old sewer pipeline, by filling with concrete (mid-June – mid-July 2022; start date regulated by California Department of Fish and Wildlife)

Project Background

Chanate/Mendocino Area Sewer Replacement Project will make major improvements to the North Trunk Sewer Main, a pipeline which collects sewer flows from homes and businesses in the area of Chanate Road and Mendocino Avenue. This project will upgrade and improve performance of the collection system by replacing or relocating sections of aging, inefficient, or inaccessible sewer pipelines, as well as certain water pipelines. Work is taking place on portions of Chanate Road, Mendocino Avenue, Plum Drive, Lomitas Avenue, Lomitas Lane, Strawberry Drive, and certain easements not in roadways (see map below).

Work began in fall 2020 and is scheduled to continue for two years. Please note that this schedule may change in the event of Public Safety Power Shutoffs, extended severe weather conditions, or other circumstances outside the control of the City.

Project Fact Sheet (pdf)

During this significant construction, there will be some unavoidable noise, dust, traffic delays, and changes in on-street parking availability. Please remember that once construction ends, your homes and businesses will have an improved, more reliable, efficient, and durable sewer and water infrastructure.

We apologize for any disruption as this project continues!

Benefits of this project:

  • Reduce the potential for sewer overflows
  • Protect the environment, including Paulin Creek and its riparian habitat
  • Provide improved and safer access for routine pipeline inspection and maintenance
  • Improve water pressure and flows
  • Ensure your homes and businesses can depend on a safe, reliable sewer system, for the long-term

Chanate Road/Mendocino Avenue Sewer Replacement Project
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