Contractor Selected – BPU to Consider Awarding on 11/5

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Team Ghilotti was selected as the contractor for this project. A contract for Team Ghilotti will be going to the Board of Public Utilities for award on November 5, 2020. Work in the field is anticipated to start in December or January, depending on weather conditions. Notifications will be sent prior to a specific start date. The project will make major improvements to the North Trunk Sewer Main, a pipeline which collects sewer flows from homes and businesses in the area of Chanate Road and Mendocino Avenue.

This project, expected to continue for about two years, involves the North Trunk Sewer Main which is a major pipeline that collects sewer flows from smaller sewer collector mains serving the Chanate/Mendocino area of northeast Santa Rosa. These aging pipelines, many of which are reaching the end of their useable life, are subject to cracks and blockages that can cause overflows and allow stormwater into the system. Replacing these pipelines, as well as several sections of water pipelines, will:

  • Reduce the potential for sewer overflows and protect Paulin Creek and its riparian habitat
  • Prevent stormwater from entering the sewer system, which unnecessarily escalates flows to the wastewater treatment plant, increasing energy use and costs
  • Provide improved and safer access for routine inspection and maintenance of the pipeline system
  • Improve water pressure and flows
  • Ensure homes and businesses can depend on a safe, reliable sewer system

Generally, this project work will take place on portions of the following streets or intersections: Chanate Road, Mendocino Avenue, Plum Drive, Lomitas Avenue, Lomitas Lane, Strawberry Drive, as well as on certain easements in the area which are not within roadways. Affected neighbors and businesses will be notified of scheduled work which may specifically affect their properties. Traffic control plans take into account the potential for evacuation due to wildfire or other emergency, and potential Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS).