Construction Update for May 28, 2021

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  • REMINDER: Westbound Chanate Road traffic detoured onto Fountaingrove
  • Sewer work on Lomitas Avenue – New Dates 6/1 – 6/8
  • Drill shaft work to impact Strawberry Drive 6/4 – 6/8
  • Pipeline work on private drive off Lomitas Avenue New Dates 6/9 – 6/14

* Scheduling information shown is subject to change due to weather or unforeseen circumstances

REMINDER: Westbound Chanate Road traffic detoured onto Fountaingrove

The detour of westbound traffic on Chanate Road between Terra Linda Drive and Humboldt Street will be in effect into September, 2021. This detour, which also applies to bicyclists, is necessary to allow for installation of a large sewer pipeline under Chanate Road (click here for a cross section of typical “bore pits” similar to the work on Chanate Road). When possible, motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians should avoid the general area of construction throughout the project period.

Westbound traffic on Chanate Road has been detoured north onto Parker Hill Road to Stagecoach Road, then southwest onto Fountaingrove Parkway, continuing to Bicentennial Way/Mendocino Avenue (see map below). During the detour, only one-way travel in the eastbound direction of Chanate Road is available. Pedestrian access is maintained on the north side of Chanate Road. Motorists on eastbound Chanate Road are urged to use extra caution. All traffic control signs and measures must be observed. Watch for flaggers and intermittent, short traffic delays near the construction locations. When using the detour route, please allow plenty of extra travel time.

During the work, residents on Chanate Road in the vicinity of the construction should expect noise, dust, trucks, and equipment.


Chanate Sewer Project Detour, May 17 - September 2021
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The project team has prepared plans to facilitate emergency evacuations if necessary, in coordination with the City’s Fire, Police, and Public Works departments. If an evacuation is called for, construction on the project will be halted and, if necessary, the travel direction on Chanate Road (eastbound only during the detour) will be reversed to provide westbound-only movement for travel out of the area. Please review the City’s Know Your Ways Out web page and neighborhood travel route maps.

As part of the contingency plan, the emergency vehicle access gate between Terra Linda Drive and Lake Park Drive is now open for local northbound Terra Linda Drive traffic only. Additionally, the bollards have been removed between Andy Way and Baldwin Way for local northbound Andy Way traffic only. These measures will remain in place for the duration of the detour (see map below). Motorists must observe the new stop signs before using those emergency vehicle access points, and then proceed slowly and carefully.

Chanate Road Closure
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Sewer work on Lomitas Avenue June 1 – June 8

Sewer line work on Lomitas Avenue from Chanate Road to approximately the Paulin Creek Bridge is currently scheduled to begin on Tuesday June 1 and continue through Tuesday June 8 (note revised dates since last week’s update) . During this work, there will be no through-traffic on Lomitas Avenue. On-site crews will coordinate access for residents on that street.

Drill shaft work to impact Strawberry Drive June 4 – June 8

Workers will be drilling a large, very deep vertical shaft within Strawberry Drive from June 4 through June 8. This work will temporarily impact access of motorists driving into and out of Strawberry Drive. Flaggers will be on-site during this period to accommodate motorists who need to enter/exit that street. Please use extra caution, and allow additional travel time if you will be using Strawberry Drive.

Pipeline work on private drive off Lomitas Avenue June 9 – June 14

Pipeline installation is currently scheduled on the private drive off of Lomitas Avenue between Lomitas Lane and Chanate Road for June 9 through June 14 (note revised dates since last week’s update). This work will primarily impact the addresses 2841 through 2863 (excluding 2850). There will be delayed access for the residents there as the pipeline installation will be taking place in the middle of the driveway. Crews will work to minimize the disruption, and full access will be available after work hours and on the weekend. Residents on affected properties should consider parking on Lomitas Avenue early on the scheduled work days, for unhindered use of their vehicles.

Temporary water shutoff scheduled for lower Chanate Road June 10

As part of the water main work on lower Chanate Road, there will be a temporary shutoff of water service on that street affecting some properties between approximately Mendocino Avenue and Lomitas Avenue, on June 10. This shutoff may last for most of the day. We apologize for this unavoidable disruption – however, the shutoff of water service is necessary in order to tie-in the new service. As is the case with any shutoff of water service, affected properties will be directly notified at least 24 hours in advance of the shutoff with a flyer on the front door. Crew members may need to access private property to ensure the proper pressure and other technical aspects of the shutoff and the return of service. Upon return of service there may be some residue when the faucet is first turned on – run the water until it is clear. You may want to remove faucet aerators and clean them of any accumulated residue.