Construction Update for July 9, 2021

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In this issue:

  • There’s plenty of work happening on Chanate Road – underground!
  • Attention motorists: driving through emergency vehicle access points
  • Reminder: Westbound upper Chanate Road detour through September
  • Contingency plans in place in event of emergency during detour

* Scheduling information shown is subject to change due to weather or unforeseen circumstances

There’s plenty of work happening on Chanate Road – underground!
Along Chanate Road between Terra Linda Drive and Humboldt Street, a sewer pipeline is being installed at depths up to 40 feet below the surface. To do this, the project is using  what’s called trenchless technology. This technology means less excavation, reduced costs, and shorter, more efficient construction periods.

As a very general description, the work consists of drilling a launch pit at one end of a desired section of pipeline, and a reception pit at the other end (known as bore pits). The bore pits are 14 feet in diameter to allow equipment access. A large auger drill is used to drill a horizontal underground shaft connecting the launch pit to the reception pit as pipe sections are inserted into the shaft. The bore pits will be developed into manholes upon completion for maintenance access. Click here for a cross section of typical bore pits similar to the work on Chanate Road.

Drilling 34' deep shaft
Drilling 34′ deep shaft
14' diameter drill shaft casing
14′ diameter drill shaft casing


Since a lot of this work is taking place underground, you may not see as much activity as has been seen on the project to this point. There are still work crews, drill rigs, cranes, excavators, trucks, and a lot of other associated equipment, but the major work is going on below ground.

Attention motorists: driving through emergency vehicle access points
To help facilitate traffic flow during the westbound Chanate Road detour, two emergency vehicle access (EVA) points are open for the duration of the detour (click here for a map of these access points):

  • The gate between Terra Linda Drive and Lake Park Drive is open for local northbound Terra Linda Drive traffic only.
  • The bollards have been removed between Andy Way and Baldwin Way for local northbound Andy Way traffic only.

Motorists must: observe the new stop signs before proceeding slowly and carefully through these EVA points, and do so in the northbound direction only. A new stop sign has also been placed where the access from Terra Linda Drive intersects with Lake Park Drive. Increased Santa Rosa Police presence may be seen in the vicinity of those two EVA points. 

Reminder: Westbound upper Chanate Road detour through September
The detour of westbound traffic on Chanate Road between Terra Linda Drive and Humboldt Street will be in effect into September, 2021. This detour, which also applies to bicyclists, is necessary to allow for installation of a large sewer pipeline under Chanate Road. When possible, motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians should avoid the general area of construction throughout the project period. Click here for a map of the detour.

During the detour, only one-way travel in the eastbound direction of Chanate Road is available. Pedestrian access is maintained on the north side of Chanate Road. Motorists on eastbound Chanate Road are urged to use extra caution. All traffic control signs and measures must be observed. Watch for flaggers and intermittent traffic delays near the construction locations. When using the detour route, please allow plenty of extra travel time.

Contingency plans in place in event of emergency during detour
In coordination with the City’s Fire, Police, and Public Works departments, the project team has prepared contingency plans to facilitate emergency situations that may occur during the detour (see detour information below). If an evacuation is called for, construction on the project will be halted and, if necessary, the travel direction on Chanate Road (eastbound only during the detour) will be reversed to provide westbound-only movement for travel out of the area. Temporary traffic signal lights will be used only in the event of an urgent public safety issue requiring westbound traffic movement or emergency vehicle access on Chanate Road. Please review the City’s Know Your Ways Out web page and neighborhood travel route maps.