Construction Update for October 15, 2021

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In this issue:

  • Reminder: Chanate Road detour extended into late November
  • Please drive safely on Chanate Road and detour routes
  • More above-ground work taking place – use extra caution

* Scheduling information shown is subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances

Reminder: Chanate Road westbound lane closure/detour extended into late November
Due to unforeseen circumstances, the detour of westbound traffic (including bicyclists) on Chanate Road between Terra Linda Drive and Humboldt Street is now anticipated to extend into late November 2021.There have been unexpected subterranean conditions (up to 40′ deep) that have slowed the installation of the pipeline. This includes having to get through an unexpected, very large boulder and other unanticipated soil conditions, as well as encountering some unmarked underground cables that crews had to work around, which also required some redesign.

As has been noted in each of these weekly update emails, the construction schedule is always subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances – and unfortunately such circumstances have occurred which are beyond the control of the City and its contractors. We apologize for this extension, and appreciate everyone’s patience as construction crews continue working diligently to be able to remove the detour by Thanksgiving.

We will keep you updated should there be any further changes to the schedule. Please note that once the detour is removed and westbound traffic on Chanate Road is restored, daily traffic control and temporary lane closures will continue as other project-related work takes place. The two emergency vehicle access points (Terra Linda Drive/Lake Park Drive, and Andy Way/Baldwin Way) which are temporarily open will be re-closed shortly after the detour is removed.

During the detour, only eastbound, one-way traffic on Chanate Road is available. Pedestrian access is maintained on the north side of Chanate Road. If possible, please avoid the general area of construction throughout the project period. When using the detour route, allow plenty of extra travel time. Click here for a map of the detour. The City’s Fire, Police, and Public Works departments, and the project team have contingency plans to facilitate emergency situations that may occur during the detour of Westbound Chanate Road. If an evacuation is called for, construction on the project will be halted and, if necessary, the travel direction on Chanate Road (eastbound only during the detour) will be reversed to provide westbound-only movement for travel out of the area.

Temporary traffic signal lights now in place will be used only in the event of an urgent public safety issue requiring westbound traffic movement or emergency vehicle access on Chanate Road, during the detour period. Do not proceed when signal is red.

Please be sure to review the City’s Know Your Ways Out web page and neighborhood travel route maps.

Please drive safely on Chanate Road and detour routes
This is a reminder to all who drive on Chanate Road in the project area, and/or on the detour roads of Parker Hill Road, Stagecoach Road, Fountaingrove Parkway, and Bicentennial Way:

  • Check your speed and be sure you are observing speed limits
  • Use extra caution
  • Allow additional time
  • Watch for work crews and equipment

If traveling through the two temporarily-opened emergency vehicle access points (Terra Linda Drive/Lake Park Drive, and Andy Way/Baldwin Way), proceed slowly and carefully – access is in the northbound direction only.

Thank you for your attention to safety on the the roads!

More above-ground work taking place – use extra caution
Over the last few weeks, above-ground activity with equipment, crews, and materials has become more evident as some bore pits are backfilled, maintenance holes are completed, and equipment and materials are moved between pit locations. This activity includes moving the large steel forms used to support the sides of the excavations, along with dump trucks and concrete trucks accessing bore pits and maintenance holes. As a result there are some short, temporary lane closures to accommodate some of these vehicles, so watch for flaggers. Thank you for your patience with these brief, periodic traffic delays, and for your additional caution.

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Construction Update for October 15, 2021
Pilot-hole drilling
Construction Update for October 15, 2021
Backfilling of pit

Thank you for your patience and cooperation!