Construction Update for December 3, 2021

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In this issue:

  • Reopening of westbound Chanate Road coming soon
  • Update on overall project schedule
  • Work at Chanate/Humboldt/Belvedere “island” underway
  • Please drive safely when near construction

PLEASE NOTE: scheduling information shown is subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances


Reopening of westbound Chanate Road coming soon
Crews are working hard to complete the work that will allow reopening of the westbound lane of Chanate Road, removal of the detour, and closing of the emergency vehicle access points (at Terra Linda Drive and Andy Way). We are currently on-track for a mid-December removal of the detour, barring any further unanticipated circumstances – we expect to be able to provide you with a firm date in next week’s construction update email.

Please note that once westbound traffic on Chanate Road is restored, daily traffic control and temporary lane closures will continue as other project-related work takes place.

Update on overall project schedule

As noted in our early community information meetings, in written materials, and on the project web page, the overall Chanate Sewer Replacement Project has always been planned to be about a two-year project (the detour being only a portion of that). The overall project remains on schedule for completion in summer of 2022.

There are several work elements to accomplish for the overall project:

  • Complete the installation of sewer pipelines on Chanate Road
  • Remove the detour and close the emergency vehicle access points
  • Abandon the old sewer pipeline (filling it with concrete)
  • Replace sewer pipes on Lomitas Lane, Strawberry Lane, Mendocino Avenue, and at other locations (this open-trench construction will not require detours but there will be flaggers and periodic short delays)
  • Replace the water main on Chanate Road between Terra Linda Drive and Belvedere Way (open trench – flaggers and temporary short delays)
  • Repave/resurface roadways which were disrupted during construction (after all work is complete; timing dependent on weather)

As this important project proceeds, we greatly appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding – especially with the detour and the recent delays in its removal. Those delays were caused primarily by unexpected subterranean conditions (up to 40′ underground) such as an unforeseen, very large boulder and other unanticipated soil conditions, and unmarked underground cables that required a workaround and some redesign.

Work at Chanate/Humboldt/Belvedere “island” underway
Work is taking place on (and under) the triangle-shaped “island” at the intersection of Chanate Road, Humboldt Street, and Belvedere Way. This work is very visible to nearby residents and passing motorists, consisting of above-ground activity with equipment, crews, and materials, as well as the underground installation of large pipelines at the bottom of deep bore/ram pits. Please use extra caution when driving near that “island” location, and along other parts of Chanate Road where work is taking place.

Please drive safely when near construction
As work continues both below-ground and on the surface, it’s important for motorists to remember to drive safely, and be on the lookout for crews and equipment.

Here are some general reminders for motorists:

  • Check your speed and observe speed limits – never drive faster than is safe for the conditions
  • Use extra caution and watch for equipment and materials
  • Allow additional time to reach your destination
  • During working hours, watch for work crews
  • If going through the two temporarily-opened emergency vehicle access points (Terra Linda Drive/Lake Park Drive, and Andy Way/Baldwin Way), proceed slowly and carefully – access is in the northbound direction only.

Thank you for your attention to safety on the roads!