Construction Update for January 14, 2022

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In this issue:

  • Sewer pipeline installation on Strawberry Drive starts 1/24
  • Potholing on Chanate Road
  • Underground boring work
  • Updated overall project schedule

* NOTE* Scheduling information shown is subject to change due to weather or unforeseen circumstances


Sewer pipeline installation on Strawberry Drive starts 1/24
The installation of sewer pipelines on Strawberry Drive has been rescheduled to start the week of January 24. That work is expected to continue into early February. Affected residents on Strawberry Drive have been notified of this work.

Potholing on Chanate Road
Potholing (small test holes in the roadway to identify underground utilities) on Chanate Road between approximately Belvedere Way and Terra Linda Drive will get underway next week, in preparation for installation of the new water main. This work takes place through the end of January, with only short, periodic traffic delays expected. The pipeline installation is anticipated to get underway in early February – motorists should expect traffic control and minor delays.

Underground boring work
The work to horizontally bore and install main sewer pipeline is continuing at the Belvedere Way/Humboldt Street/Chanate Road “island.” This work will continue through next week, with minimal impact on traffic.

Updated overall project schedule
The Chanate Sewer Replacement Project has always been planned to be an approximately two-year project (the detour being only a portion of that time), and is on schedule for completion in summer of 2022.

Below is an updated summary of the primary work elements still to be accomplished. As the project moves forward, work on and around Chanate Road will involve single lane/2-way traffic control with flaggers; motorists should expect short delays. Trenches will be plated and roadways fully reopened to traffic at the end of each work day and on weekends.

Schedules are subject to change.

  • Install sewer pipes on:
    • Strawberry Lane – begins the week of January 24
    • Chanate Road between approximately Lomitas Avenue and Slater Street – begins late January
    • Mendocino Avenue – begins mid-February.
      PLEASE NOTE: this will primarily be night work, from 10 pm to 6 am, with traffic control. Watch for changes in lane configurations.
    • Lomitas Lane – begins mid-February
  • Replace water main on Chanate Road between Terra Linda Drive and Belvedere Way – potholing begins next week, with subsequent pipeline installation expected to begin in February
  • Repave/resurface roadways which were disrupted during construction – begins late February 2022, continuing for approximately one month (final timing dependent on weather and completion of other work)
  • Abandon the old sewer pipeline (filling with concrete) – expected to take place mid-June through mid-July 2022 (start date regulated by California Department of Fish and Wildlife)