Special Construction Update for July 20, 2022

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Clean Up of Small Concrete Leak into Paulin Creek Under Way

This morning, Wednesday, July 20, 2022, crews on the Chanate Sewer Replacement Project were working to fill the original sewer pipelines with a cellular cement mixture (as part of the process of abandoning the old line). During this process, at approximately 11:15 a.m., an estimated three-to-five cubic yards of the material leaked into Paulin Creek, from a section of the old pipeline. The leak was stopped to prevent additional material from being discharged.

The Santa Rosa Fire Department and members of the Fire Department’s Hazardous Materials Response Team, a City biologist, and staff from California Department of Fish and Wildlife quickly responded to the scene. With assistance from the contractor, the leaked material was contained in two pools of water in the creek. At this point, there is no observed impact to fish, wildlife, or habitat due to this spill. The area will continue to be monitored for any changes and will be fully resolved tomorrow.

We will provide an update tomorrow, Thursday, July 21.