How can I stay informed about construction activity?

Please sign up here to receive email updates on construction activity. The City will also be directly notifying residents and businesses when construction activity will be adjacent to or in front of their addresses.

What is the North Trunk Sewer Main?

The North Trunk Sewer Main is a major pipeline which collects sewer flows from smaller sewer collector mains serving a portion of northeast Santa Rosa. The area where the North Trunk Sewer Main and associated pipelines are being replaced is in the Chanate Road/Mendocino Avenue area, west of Terra Linda Drive.

Why are these pipelines being replaced?

Many of the sewer pipelines in this area are very old, including some clay pipes, and have reached the end of their useful life. These older pipes are subject to cracks and blockages, and are at risk of causing possible storm water leakage into the sewer system, and potential overflows. Sewer pipeline failures can easily cause significant damage to the environment, especially when near a natural creek or waterway — as is the case with a number of the pipelines being replaced or relocated in this project. By replacing these and other aging sewer pipelines, we are protecting the riparian habitat of Paulin Creek, and the areas around homes and properties in the affected neighborhoods.

What are the overall benefits of this project?

  • Reduce the potential for sewer overflows
  • Protect the environment, including Paulin Creek and its riparian habitat
  • Provide improved and safer access for routine pipeline inspection and maintenance
  • Improve water pressure and flows
  • Ensure your homes and businesses can depend on a safe, reliable sewer system, for the long-term

When will the construction take place?

Work is expected to begin in December or January depending on weather conditions and will continue for two years. Please note that this schedule may change in the event of Public Safety Power Shutoffs, extended severe weather conditions, or other circumstances outside the control of the City. The actual timing of work in specific areas will be outlined in the contractor’s schedule.

Why is construction starting in the fall/winter months?

Part of this project includes excavating to depths of 30 feet or more. To do this work safely and efficiently, the ground needs to be at its driest point of the year – just before the wet season starts. This timing is important for the protection and safety of the crews who are undertaking this activity, and will help the project to move forward more efficiently.

What are the hours of construction?

  • Most work sites: 7 am to 7 pm, Monday through Friday
  • Mendocino Avenue: 10 pm to 6 am (overnight) to minimize traffic disruptions and impacts to local businesses. Access to businesses will be maintained throughout the project.
  • Periodic weekend/night work: On a limited, pre-approved basis; residents will be notified in advance.

How will our neighborhood be affected by the construction?
As with any large construction project, there will be unavoidable noise, dust, traffic delays, and changes in on-street parking availability. The good news is that once construction ends, homes and businesses in the area will have an improved, more reliable, efficient, and durable sewer and water infrastructure.

How will the City help reduce the construction impact to our neighborhood?

  • First be sure to sign up for our construction email updates so that you are aware of upcoming work that is scheduled in your area or close to your home or business.
  • Where feasible, we’ll be using as much “trenchless” technology as possible – this means less excavation and fewer trenches/fewer continuous trenches, thus reducing neighborhood disruption (and, it lowers the overall construction costs).
  • An extensive traffic control plan will help minimize traffic disruptions during this work, taking into account the potential for wildfire, other emergency, or Public Safety Power Shutoffs. This plan includes electronic message boards strategically located and regularly updated to let motorists know of construction and traffic control changes.
  • To address the periodic on-street parking restrictions in various areas, alternate parking locations will be provided by the City as needed.
  • The City will work with individuals requiring accommodations for their parking needs.
  • Access to residences will be maintained. However, there may be times when paving or trench work will temporarily limit access.
  • Trash collection trucks will be accommodated to continue service to the neighborhood during construction; mail, package delivery, and bus service are not expected to be impacted.
  • The City is providing the community with frequent updates via the City website, email blasts, and direct contact with property owners.

What will the City do to ensure the environment is protected during construction?

A key part of this project is about helping to prevent overflows, which can cause serious environmental harm, and keeping storm water from leaking into aging, cracked pipelines. During construction, the City’s environmental/biological staff will be on-site whenever work is taking place within the Paulin Creek area, as well as when excavations take place in other sensitive areas, to ensure the work is carefully carried out in a manner which protects the environment. All work in sensitive habitats will be conducted in strict compliance with California Department of Fish and Wildlife requirements.

How much pipeline will be replaced/relocated, and where?

  • 1,950 feet of existing 12-inch and 15-inch vitrified clay pipe (VCP) sewer main located adjacent to Paulin Creek
  • 1,350 feet of existing 15-inch reinforced concrete pipe (RCP) located in Mendocino Avenue and Lomitas Lane
  • 1,866 feet of 8-inch water main will be installed in various parts of Chanate Road, Lomitas Avenue and Lomitas Lane